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Meet Board Member

Lyecia Akime Jackson

Known both personally and professionally as "Kim", and a Licensed Practical Nurse and 17 year veteran of the field. My areas of specialties  are community mental health and homecare. Prior to COVID-19, she added the title of clinical instructor to my to my resume through Excel Academy. Experience includes long term care, rehabilitation and hospice nursing.

Kim is currently enrolled at Gateway Community College under the Healthcare Pathways Curriculum. Upon completion, she will become a Registered Nurse (ASN). Her career goals are to continue developing my expertise in the area of mental health for black and brown communities. She will also pursue certification as a Doula, in order to better support minority women through the process of childbirth. Other areas of interest for my career include education and development for naturopathic and alternative treatments and medications. 


Kim is  mother of a wonderfully unique 17 year old young man on the Autism Spetrum - Dior. By way of this journey through motherhood, she has become an advocate for her child and others, actively involved in the daily pursuit of opportunities for, and inclusion of,  individuals on the Autism Spectrum and those who support for them.


Being both a student and lover of all things Arts,she is self confessed poet, playwright and vocalist who loves to travel and explore. She also loves to cook.


On the subject of life, Kim believes we are all "Works in Progress". The point is to accept the notion and allow it to be be your motivation. Embrace every step in the process of creating your Masterpiece, understand the importance of being your own Muse. You get to decide who and what becomes a part of your canvas. 

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