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Meet Board Member Phyllis Foskey

Phyllis Foskey is a proud mother of two children, Eric and Tracey. She is also a proud "Nana" of four grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Phyllis is affectionally known as Tracey's mom everywhere she goes. She is also a dedicated autism nana of Troy Jr (TJay). She has devoted countless time in TJAY's Foundation and has taken many courses in understanding autism and what it means to be on the spectrum. She is an advocate for autism and an amazing board member of TJAY's Foundation. Phyllis is also a member of God's Miracles Unlimited Outreach Ministries and has been for many years. 


Phyllis has worked hard over 40 years as a Customer Support Specialist and is now semi-retired. She has worked in the field for so long because of her love and passion to help others. This has enabled her to further explore her talents and catapulted her into creating her own lane as an Event Coordinator/Planner. For over 30+ years, she has coordinated a multitude of weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, graduations, and other social events to perfection. Her passion inspired her to follow her dreams in creating Challenge the Lady, LLC in 2004 and opening It's Your Time to Shine in 2009. "Any celebration is a pivotal moment and an amazing experience where each should be unique… no two clients are alike," stated Phyllis. She takes her clients' dreams and visions to heart and bring them into fruition. Phyllis pursued her education at Gateway Community Technical College in the Human Services field. She is a Certified Financial Counselor and Customer Service Specialist. She continues to pursue her education as a she famously quotes, ''the sky is the limit!".

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