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Meet Board Member Shelbi Freeman

Shelbi Freeman was born and raised in New Haven, CT. She's employed by Genesis Healthcare, where she recently celebrated her 31 year anniversary. Starting as a food service worker, Shelbi quickly advanced to become a line cook, and it was in this position where she discovered her culinary passion. She spent the next 15 years perfecting her craft, not only at work, but also hosting family gatherings. She transitioned from food services to a dietiary clerk, a position she held for several years. Her current responsibilities now include central supply coordinator and a medical records clerk.


Shelbi is the proud mom of Shayne Freeman, who, as a toddler was diagnosed with ADHD and Autism. It was Shayne's diagnosis that led Shelbi to seek support and resources such as Total Joy Are You Autism Foundation. The foundation has become an essential part of their village, offering a plethera of ongoing support and resources that has helped to  solidify Shayne's success. Shelbi is Super Proud of Shayne's most recent accomplishment, being a member of  Hamden High-schools 2020 graduating class.


When Shelbi's not in her kitchen creating delicious dishes, she enjoys traveling with her son, making memories with family and friends, and getting together with her book club, The L.B.C. You can also find her chasing deals in pursuit of her other passion, couponing. A pastime she uses to be a blessing to many.

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